Lost in Ligao City!

Doing school work in summer has its perks. Yesterday, my classmates and I went out to conduct our MD Research and we decided to take it as an opportunity to visit a new place.

Luckily, we finished our tasks early, leaving more time for our escapade. On our way to Kawa-kawa hill in Ligao City, bright sunflowers along the road welcomed us. We had been told that growing sunflowers during the summer season is a tradition in this place.

19 Some 40 minutes later (we were driving from Tabaco City), we finally arrived at the foot of Kawa-kawa hill. This place is actually famous for its “larger than life” Stations of the Cross and many tourists come here specifically during the holy week.

Kawa-kawa hill stands 236 meters; however the path towards the crater is approximately 500 meters. It wasn’t a very tiring walk though because the path is paved and there’s just too much to see along the way. The crater’s rim is another 836-meter walk and anywhere you stand, the hill has a good view to offer.    20 The peak of Mt. mayon is also visible from Kawa-kawa and it’s just amazing how Mt. Mayon seems to change its color as the sun starts to set. 18It was a great day for we accomplished many things and witnessed new places. The sunset view from Kawa-kawa was perfect to end the day.



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