Mt. Makiling








Located between the borders of Batangas and Laguna provinces in Region IV-A, Philippines, they say that this mountain is enchanted; that a fairy named Maria Makiling protects it, keeping the rain forest’s natural beauty. It must be true because I have never seen an environment so rich and diverse as this. And I am very lucky to have  this mountain as my first real hike.

Even the fungi are full of colors.



Although, there are these blood-sucking tiny creatures called Limatic. Sometimes, you will not even notice that they have already crawled up under your sleeves enjoying their favorite blood-types, feeling like they’re Damon Salvatore. But no need to freak out, they only have tiny little stomachs, and when they’re finally done with you, they’ll let go (or burst if they become too greedy). Well, if you don’t like to share your blood, you can just remove them from your skin, or have someone do it for you.



Here’s one making its way up on my shoe.



A few meters away from the peak, this view of the Laguna Bay can be seen. Although no view can actually be seen when you are already on the peak because the tree tops and bushes are on the way. Still, it’s not just the view that makes a hike fulfilling, but the fact that you are able to make it through, even though you’re not wearing the proper shoes and your feet are screaming and even though you can hardly breathe because the oxygen is thin.  IMG_5985

One mountain down! XD