In honor of the Filipino guerillas who fought for their freedom from the Japanese during the WWII.

Headless Monument                                                                                                                                  Legazpi CIty, Albay


Lost in Ligao City!

Doing school work in summer has its perks. Yesterday, my classmates and I went out to conduct our MD Research and we decided to take it as an opportunity to visit a new place.

Luckily, we finished our tasks early, leaving more time for our escapade. On our way to Kawa-kawa hill in Ligao City, bright sunflowers along the road welcomed us. We had been told that growing sunflowers during the summer season is a tradition in this place.

19 Some 40 minutes later (we were driving from Tabaco City), we finally arrived at the foot of Kawa-kawa hill. This place is actually famous for its “larger than life” Stations of the Cross and many tourists come here specifically during the holy week.

Kawa-kawa hill stands 236 meters; however the path towards the crater is approximately 500 meters. It wasn’t a very tiring walk though because the path is paved and there’s just too much to see along the way. The crater’s rim is another 836-meter walk and anywhere you stand, the hill has a good view to offer.    20 The peak of Mt. mayon is also visible from Kawa-kawa and it’s just amazing how Mt. Mayon seems to change its color as the sun starts to set. 18It was a great day for we accomplished many things and witnessed new places. The sunset view from Kawa-kawa was perfect to end the day.



Be like a child



I had a long late night talk with friends last night and it made me realize something that I never really thought of before. I am in denial. I have been fooling myself of how I really feel and that it is actually weighing me down all this time. Now, I just want to let it out.

* * *

I am wondering if I did the right thing back then, if I said the right words. Thinking so much about it, I know I was wrong. Totally wrong. I have been playing in my mind all the possible scenario had my answer been different, and it just makes me regret more. Sigh. Oh well. What is life without regrets and lessons, right?

Anyway, I am aware that I can still do something about it before it entirely drifts away. It’s just that, I don’t have the courage to do so. I am one big coward. I guess, if it’s meant to be, the universe will find a way.

PS: Just because a person tells you s/he doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean that you should totally stop trying. You never know, the person was just being irrational at that time being.

PPS: This is my way of telling you that I am finally falling for you.

PPPS: Yes, I am talking to you.


Monthly Highlights of My 2014

I may not have the flashiest life out there, but I believe, in my own terms, that I have had a wonderful year. For a simple girl like me, I guess simple things are enough to make me happy. Therefore I am truly grateful to have experienced so many beautiful and unexpected things for this year.

January. I finally reached the highest peak of Mt. Makiling. I remembered when I first tried to accomplish this back in college; the rain was getting really heavy so our guide decided to stop the trek for our own safety. Fortunately, this year, together with my newly found friends, I finally did it. This month, I decided that mountains are going to be my thing now. They have this calming effect on me, especially every time I realize that I am hundreds of meters above sea level. It feels like flying without having to leave the ground.

February. This month, I was introduced to Mt. Mabilog, Lake Pandin, Lake Yambo, Sampaloc Lake and Bunga Falls. It always brings me joy to see new places.  What’s more is that this month I officially became a backpacker. Me being impulsive and having read a lot of travel blogs, I decided that it could be a great experience to travel with only a backpack. Luckily, I have two friends to share my crazy ideas with, so we planned a backpacking trip around central Luzon. Unfortunately, the other friend wasn’t able to make it- unfortunately for him. This backpacking trip sort of started in a not-so-very-good way because of bus problems; however, it was perfect overall and I’m never going to change any of it given the chance. From Nueva Ecija to Benguet to Bontoc to Sagada to Baguio to Pangasinan and then back to Los Baños. I am actually happy that we had problems along the way, it couldn’t have been more fun and memorable without them.

March.  I conquered another mountain this month, Mt. Daguldol. What’s different about this one is that the trail was actually by the seashore. It was like putting me between my two lovers, for I love the sea as much as I love the mountain. What made this trip more exciting was that we had to sleep under the stars, and since we were on the mountain’s peak and it was so dark, the stars seemed to be nearer and really shone that night.

April. This month I experienced hiking a mountain (Mt. Balagbag) that almost made me want to stop and just turn back. Well, it wasn’t really the mountain’s fault. Actually, the trail was really wide, and the grasses looked very welcoming. It was the heat of the sun that really put me to test. Good thing I didn’t stop, and having arrived at the peak, I was in love with the majestic view of mountain ranges. It was all worth it. Moreover, this month was my first time in Visayas. I needed to go to Iloilo to apply to a medical school so I took it as another opportunity to travel. Although I wasn’t able to get into the school, I have no regrets that I went there. It was actually really tiring on the way to Iloilo because I travelled by sea and by land- imagine it took almost 24 hours getting there. But I had fun during my stay there and even met a new friend. Plus, got the chance to go to the neighboring province, Guimaras, which is only 15 minutes boat ride away from Iloilo. It was so much fun! But I decided to ride the plane going back to the main land.

May. Hello Baler! Yes, another travel adventure for me. This was a really “sulit” travel because I only spent so little for so many things I have enjoyed and witnessed. Here I was able to witness a century-old Balete tree and a lot of falls (not the verb, but the noun). Also, I had a beer with a friend by the seashore, and it was relieving because I was actually having a bad weekend for receiving a bad news that I didn’t make it to that medical school in Iloilo. Thank you for calming my soul, Baler!

June. I have had so many adventure trips for the past months; however, this month marks the end of it (for the mean time) because of some big changes. Yes, I was finally accepted to a medical school in my region, so I had to instantly stop living my current world and start a new one. It was a hard decision since I love where I was then, but I guess I had to start living for what I love more- becoming a medical doctor. It was really painful when I had to ditch another travel adventure to Dumaguete. But then again, I have new priorities now. Medical school it is!

July. This month I spent most of my days being a good medical student. I really missed studying and I am grateful for having this opportunity to learn again. This is definitely for the people, and of course, for self-actualization.

August. This month, a typhoon hit our province so our school decided to help the affected communities. In our province, people from the far-flung areas aren’t privileged enough to see a doctor if they need one. For reasons like they are not capable financially, or there’s no one available to attend to them. It was a wonderful opportunity for us medical students, even though we were just first years, to be able to help these people to the most of our capabilities. I am grateful for the experience, and I am truly happy that I was able to serve them as early as this.

September. This month’s highlight was the college’s activity called Medicine Day. The doctors within the college decided to give free consultations to the public for one day, and the students were tasked to make it as fun as possible. I was tasked to head the Health and Wellness Team since I am the only registered Nutritionist in our batch. Together with my team members, we really put the best of our efforts to make the best possible booths and exhibit so that our guests will actually enjoy. We actually had sleepless nights just to finish on time. True enough, it was a very successful activity for us having seen the happy faces of our guests as they leave our booths and exhibit. Well done team!

October. It’s my birth month! I really am not the type who celebrates birthdays with a big crowd and extravagant event. This birthday, I celebrated it by having lunch with new friends and it was enough to make me feel special for making it into this world. I am really grateful for another year with awesome people to share it with.

November. It’s that time of the year to remember all the people who were brave enough to walk this earth, which includes my father and my grandfather. I thank my life for them.

December. I can’t believe it’s the last month of 2014 already! There were just so many things going on that I hardly noticed the time passing. I will spend the last few days of this year being grateful for all the experiences I have gained for the past months. With that in my heart, I am looking forward to another awesome year coming.

It has been a crazy year for me. I guess this is my best year so far. Hopefully, 2015 will be so much better, and I only have a few days left to find out. J

Thank you 2014! And I thank all those people who have been part of my 2014 and made it even more fun and exciting. Let us have another wonderful year together!

PS: I actually wrote this in the middle of writing my research proposal because I was starting to get really drained. Nothing beats the happiness brought by looking back to fun memories. Okay, back to research work then. 😉


Dark clouds

She has never seen the clouds this dark before. She has witnessed thunderstorms but not with clouds as heavy as this one. She’s lost, out there, vulnerable. It hasn’t rained yet but it feels like she’s already soaking wet and shivering from the cold. She’s screaming from the inside, Save me! Save me! All the thoughts of regret are flooding her mind now. I should have… If only… what if… I need you.


Lone Trees


I have always been attracted to lone trees, as if there is this invisible line trying to connect me to them. Probably because we are the same in so many ways.


What I call Art in Med School

I figured that we are responsible for our own learning. We decide what to learn, so as what not to learn.

Today, I decided that that I am going to learn the metabolic pathways by heart. And so I ended up with this little art project now attached to my wall. This is just probably one of the pieces of art (or whatever you may want to call it) that I am going to make while I am in medical school.  I can now literally stare at the wall when I forget something. I should probably put some on the ceiling too.10

Who says learning has to be boring?  I am actually excited of the idea of filling up the empty wall spaces of my room and make a gallery out of it. XD